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The mission of the MEKEI research institute is to use research and education to help transform the countries of the Middle East and North Africa to advanced, knowledge-based societies led by sustainable innovation and social advance.


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  /  Call for Papers

We welcome submissions on our 2016 conference theme and encourage conference participants to propose papers and sessions that will be of interest to a diverse audience.

Deadline for FULL Paper Submission: 15 January 2016

Papers submitted prior to the deadline will be included in World Sustainable Development Outlook 2016. The Outlook is a high quality publication published in partnership with Greenleaf Publishing.

WASD proceedings are listed in the Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) and respected all over the world by leading academic and professional bodies such as the United Nations, World Bank, UNESCO, European Commission and major universities in the UK (Oxford, Cambridge, London), USA (Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, NY, California) and Australia (Queensland, Sydney, Griffith).

All papers submitted for the conference will also be reviewed for possible inclusion in WASD refereed journals:

Submissions of papers (no more than two papers per presenting author) are invited in any of the conference different RESEARCH TRACKS, but need not limit their options to these themes/tracks. Please submit your paper(s) directly to the Track Chairs with a copy to the Program Coordinator (). The different themes (or tracks), each with a listing of topics, have been formulated to aid the organisers of, and participants in, this conference in paper solicitations, review, and in assigning time slots for presentation. The topics in each listing are typical examples and are not in any way exhaustive or even mutually exclusive. The aim is to include in this conference a wide variety of ideas and issues and not to exclude any scholarly input that is related to the major themes of this conference.

Authors who are uncertain of the appropriate track for their papers should consult the conference chair at ().