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  /  Education for entrepreneurship and innovation

Education for entrepreneurship and innovation

Michael Lewrick, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Maktoba Omar & Robert Raeside, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Klaus Sailer, Strascheg Centre for Entrepreneurship, Germany

Abstract: Entrepreneurship and innovation education has derived from established university curriculum and the context is set of concepts and tools used in the corporate world. the challenge of transforming a start-up company into a business success needs different capabilities. it goes beyond the development of an idea and writing-up a comprehensive business plan. this study analysed over200 technology-driven companies which have been created under the formal requirement of a business plan competition since 1996. The objective was to identify drivers for innovation and success. from the results, an agenda of entrepreneurial and innovation education was derived and is discussed.
Keywords: entrepreneurship education; innovation management; business plan writing; management capabilities; continuous learning.

WJEMSD_V6_Nos_1-2_2010_LEWRICK et al-Itemid=.pdf
WJEMSD_V6_Nos_1-2_2010_LEWRICK et al-Itemid=.pdf