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  /  Internetisation management utilization in entrepreneurial start ups

Internetisation management utilization in entrepreneurial start ups


Abstract: Entrepreneurial start ups require an optimal utilization of limited resources and their managerial practices when they are lunched. They have to be able to respond to an environment with constraints and demands for flexibility and agility in response to market needs. This also requires an open and dynamic way of management practices. The current traditional management paradigms are not suited to achieve that level of dynamism and flexibility. One management paradigm which can be adapted to handle such situation is the “internetisation management” paradigm. Internetisation management is a new form of management which emphasizes the full usage of the internet to perform the managerial and operational activities of the firm in the virtual sphere. Such management practice enables the firm to reach the global market immediately, with a minimum requirement of resources. In this paper, we present a case report where the internetisation management is practiced in an entrepreneurial start up firm. We analyze and discuss how the internetisation management would be used to enhance firm operation. A framework is presented to deal with various aspects of firm practices in relation to internetisation management.
Keywords: Internetisation management, e-globalization, internet, information communications and technologies, ITCs, entrepreneurial start ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, SME

Outlook Abouzeedan et al-Itemid=.pdf
Outlook Abouzeedan et al-Itemid=.pdf