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  /  Investigation of urban driving cycle and relevant geometric factors in Abu Dhabi

Investigation of urban driving cycle and relevant geometric factors in Abu Dhabi


Abstract: Driving cycle is an important requirement in the evaluation of the driver’s behaviour and the performance of vehicles for a number of applications. For example, fuel consumption and emissions need input information on the characteristic driving patterns of traffic. The development of the real-world driving cycle for the urban areas in the city of Edinburgh has been initially investigated as a pilot study, to set the procedures and design the measurement work for the driving cycle calibration in Abu Dhabi. In this study, the analysis of real-world data has been obtained from data recording of actual traffic conditions in Edinburgh using the Global Positioning System tracking of traffic. These data were collected from trips which have been done on one route. The assessment of various parameters of traffic (i.e. speed, time percentage spent on acceleration, deceleration, idling, cruising and cycle duration) and their statistical validity produced a real-world driving cycle for the private cars.
Keywords: Driving Cycle, Performance Box, Speed of Motor Vehicles, Micro Simulation Model

Outlook 2009_Al Zaidi-Itemid=.pdf
Outlook 2009_Al Zaidi-Itemid=.pdf