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  /  Strategic developmental opportunities from diaspora tourism: the Jamaican perspective

Strategic developmental opportunities from diaspora tourism: the Jamaican perspective


Abstract: This paper, which is based on ongoing research, explores some of the socio-economic benefits associated with the return to Jamaica of non-resident Jamaicans living in London. These short return visits to one’s homeland or place of origin, birth or heritage is referred to as Diaspora tourism and is an important element in the migration-tourism nexus. The paper will examine the motivations for Diaspora tourists visiting Jamaica from London, one of the major global cities that Jamaicans have historically migrated to. Based on the analysis of in depth interviews conducted in Jamaica and London with key stakeholders, as well as a situational analysis of secondary data, the paper will explore the patterns and motivations behind Diaspora tourism. It will also examine the economic, social, cultural, political and environmental impacts of this movement on Jamaica and further explore strategic opportunities for trade and investment and the implications for future development for Jamaica.
Keywords: Diaspora tourism, Jamaica, London, strategic opportunities, developmental potential

Outlook Mortley-Itemid=.pdf
Outlook Mortley-Itemid=.pdf