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  /  Sustainable road transport: A public perspective area

Sustainable road transport: A public perspective area


This paper considers the environmental impact of road transport on the environment, with respect to air pollution, traffic noise and visual intrusion. However, reducing environmental problems associated with the physical presence of traffic is more difficult, and is likely to depend on institutional and policy issues, as well as technology. In this work Stated preference data for the preferences and attitudes to environmental issues have been collected, analysed and modelled. The research shows that the public’s perception of the adverse affects of road transport can be found to vary depending on certain characteristics of the respondents, age, gender and predominantly the areas they reside in. Annoyance levels due to the most commonly cited environmental impact of road transport; noise pollution, are similar to previous studies carried out. It can also be concluded from the analysis of the survey, the main base for perception of the respondents is vision, and numerous questions highlighted this. Finally, of the three impacts under investigation, air pollution was cited as the primary area where respondents would improve if they had the choice, followed by noise and visual pollution respectively.
Keywords: Sustainable transport; public perception; environmental impacts of transport.

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35- WAFAA-Itemid=.pdf