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  /  Towards e-government in slovenia – the role of business process management

Towards e-government in slovenia – the role of business process management


The main objective of the paper is to present the characteristics of business renovation efforts, readiness for e-government in Slovenia, and how the business process modelling and simulation can be used for these purposes. The paper present the business process renovation as the key element of e-business orientation and the highest level of strategy for managing change that commonly cannot be handled by continuous improvement and reengineering methods or organizational restructuring, and introduces a business rule-transformation approach to business renovation. The case of business process management project in one of the Slovene Ministries, where the process modelling and simulation were extensively used, is also presented. The process modelling proved useful since it shows the process as whole, drawbacks of the existing process, bottlenecks in the process execution, provides critical insight into process execution etc. The results of the process modelling are a good foundation for a business process reengineering as a next step towards e-government.
Keywords: Business Process Management; E-government; Process Modelling; Process Renovation; Simulation Modelling; Business Rules.

21- A. KOVACIC-Itemid=.pdf
21- A. KOVACIC-Itemid=.pdf