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  /  Variation of meteorological parameters over Saudi Arabia (1990–2006)

Variation of meteorological parameters over Saudi Arabia (1990–2006)

Shafiqur Rehman and Mohammad El-Gebeily, King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Abstract: The annual and seasonal variation of meteorological parameters hasbeen studied for twenty stations in Saudi Arabia. The contour maps showed temperature and rainfall increasing and wind speed decreasing trends with decreasing latitudes. The mean temperature varied between a minimum of 8.4ºC and a maximum of 34.61ºC while overall mean was 23.95ºC. The Mean, minimum and maximum values of pressure were 932.12, 923.3 and 944.6mb, respectively. The corresponding relative humidity values were 42.7, 78.5 and 21.5%, respectively. The empirical models developed for the prediction of monthly mean valuesof individual parameters were able to estimate the values with acceptable accuracy.
Keywords: meteorology; seasonal and annual variation; temperature; barometric pressure; precipitation; wind speed; relative humidity; climate.