Smart KM

Developing successful KM framework is a highly complex process, we offer number of services to assist and guide both public and private organisations at the various stages of introducing KM. aimed at managers of corporations and government policy makers providing an effective tool to help ensure KM becomes part of organizational culture. Drawing on MEKEI’s own research, and synthesizing the work of others in the KM area, the model will help to facilitate the process of managing knowledge within organizations including the creation, acquisition, transfer and use of knowledge, both within and between organizations. 

Our fully integrated approach assures:

  • Integrating KM with the organisation strategies and policies
  • Integrating people with process, information and technology
  • Integrating KM with the adopted excellence and quality arrangements
  • Integrating KM with external stakeholders

The KM framework has six stages:

1. KM Readiness Assessment
2. KM Strategy Formation
3. KM Operating Models
4. Information Architecture
5. KM Technology Advisory
6. KM Implementation Support

Domain Specific Offerings

PMO Enhancement
Knowledge Transfer & Nationalisation Programmes
KM Performance Management

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