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The mission of the MEKEI research institute is to use research and education to help transform the countries of the Middle East and North Africa to advanced, knowledge-based societies led by sustainable innovation and social advance.


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The following papers have been submitted for consideration:

Appraising the entrenching of sustainability into government procurement in Sub Saharan Africa: results from the public sector in South West Nigeria.
Poverty reduction through enabling factors
Benchmarking of academic studies of dietitians in King Abdulaziz university – A comparison with the European standards
The competitiveness of energy-intensive industries in EU’s last members
Dealing with the worst case scenario of the 2015 Middle East immigration into France: an entrepreneurship perspective
Why integration policies matter from Middle East immigrants in France
Climate smart management options for improving the soil fertility and farm productivity in the middle hills of Nepal
The development of the great green wall in the sahel of Nigeria with some local constraints in sustainability
An economic analysis of potential GCC economic and monetary union for sustainable development—Drawing from the European experience
Europe: wither the fortress around the Mediterranean and Africa?
FDI spillover effects on Asia-Pacific sustainable productivity growth
A quick method to find the optimum lane groups at signalized intersection
Future capacity building – impact on sustainable innovation
The impact of social capital on sustainable development: The case of Europe
Management of medical technology for sustainable reliability
Micro dynamics of sustainable national competitiveness and growth
Practice of anthropometry for adolescents in Saudi Arabia and the need for sustainability of the practice: lessons from the UK
Public goods, sustainable development and business accountability
State level achievements of MDG- indicators in India during 1993-94 – 2013-14
Quality of life : MDGs, poverty and vulnerable populations
Review of the effects of insurgency on sustainable healthcare development in north-east Nigeria
SDG-3 and middle eastern drug policies: strengthening harm-reduction and treatment
An inquiry into success factors influencing the choice of a beneficial foreign market
The success of incubators, accelerators and innovations: A case study
Ramadan fasting among pregnant women with diabetes: an international neglected phenomenon
Bayesian estimation of proportion of women engaged in Sudan agricultural development: an R-WINBUGS application
Small entrepreneurs finance by Islamic banks: an empirical review
Sustainable development and radiology
Nutrigenomics: use of personalized diet to prevent The onset of disease and optimize human health
The use of green materials and systems in UAE construction projects – A baseline study
Investigations of the traffic calming and its influence on the environmental pollution
Co-occurrence of ochratoxin A and aflatoxins in fermented and dried cocoa beans using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay
Compliance of imported tea clones (NGC1-NGC 76) to Nigerian industrial quality standards as suitable raw materials for black and green tea production in Nigeria
Redefining Sustainability
Linking health impacts with transportation decisions and mode choices: a case study
Assessment of impacts of harsh weather and user attitudes on sustainable transport options in Dubai: the case of metro and transit bus use in hot and humid weather
Exploring the challenge for future sustainable development in power sector
Rhetorical bottomless basket case vs Bangladesh’s success with the MDGs
Framework for a decision matrix in green project management processes
Effect of Hot Weather on Walking Behavior in Doha
Study the variability of water quality in a large distribution network
Impact of Teamwork Skills on Students’ Creativity: A Case of Classroom Educational Program
Soil Productivity and Food Security in Sudan: Current Situation and Challenges
Differentiating Trade Instruments and Promoting Sustainable Development: The evolution of the EUs approach and inherent contradictions
The involvement of nutraceuticals to sustainable healthcare in Europe in the context of depression