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The mission of the MEKEI research institute is to use research and education to help transform the countries of the Middle East and North Africa to advanced, knowledge-based societies led by sustainable innovation and social advance.


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Research Tracks

The conference research tracks are listed below, but authors are not limited to this list and you may propose other relevant topics for your papers. The conference is open to all disciplines and backgrounds. There is a limit of two paper submissions per presenting author.

Authors who are uncertain of the appropriate track for their papers should consult the Program Coordinator (). Please submit your paper(s) directly to the Track Chairs with a copy to the Program Coordinator ().

Accounting, banking and finance
Aerospace technology and aviation management
Agricultural research and technology
Animal research and veterinary medicine
Beyond incubators: entrepreneurship and innovation
Book review
Business and agribusiness management
Change management
Changing demography of the world
Climate change and environmental sustainability
Culture and development
Diasporic tourism, investment and brain circulation
Economics and monetary policies
Ecotourism and sustainable tourism development
Employment, leadership and HRM
Engineering applications and management
Environment and development
Environment, energy and water
Food nutrition and public health
Food security and indigenous development
Future directions of communities and voluntary organizations in the Diaspora
Global crisis: death or resurgence of neoliberalism?
Global crisis: potentialities, tendencies in modes of accumulation, consumption and global configuration
Heritage and historical contexts
ICTs applications, knowledge management, human capital and development
Impact of financial crises and risks of innovation sustainability on SMEs
International business and trade
International development
Mathematical sciences and quantitative methods
Medical and health sciences
MIS and E-Commerce
New regionalisms and the changing context of global politics
Oil, gas and coal technologies
Performance management
Performative, visual and creative arts
Political and economic governance structures: towards reform
Political science
Public policy and higher education
Real estate for economic development
Renewable energy technologies
Rethinking human progress: towards a balance of diversity and efficiency
Risk management
Role of multilateral institutions in sustainable development
Science, technology and innovation
Services research
Sustainable cities and communities
Sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
Sustainable infrastructure systems and environmentally-conscious design
The Emergence of BRICSAM as power brokers in the GPE
Traditional, alternative and complementary medicine
Traditions, commerce and cultural transmissions
Transportation studies
Wildlife research
Youth advocacy and sustainable development
Youth and gender issues