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Photo of Dr. Mona Abdelfattah

Dr. Mona Abdelfattah

Researcher & Journalist University of KhartoumInstitute of African and Asian Studies


Location: AlQasim, KSA


Mona Abdelfattah is a Sudanese professional journalist and writer in many newspapers. She has a PhD research degree (Doctor of philosophy in African and Asian Studies) – University of Khartoum- Sudan (2017). She worked as a presenter in Sudan TV. She has been in training in journalism Since 1999. She has some courses in research skills on contemporary issues. Her educational background in political science and journalism has given her a broad base which enables her to have different approaches to many topics. She is an active member of Sudanese Journalists Union, member of International Association of Religion Journalists (IARJ), and member of Arab Women Media Center, Amman-Jordan. She has participated in International conferences with some papers. She published Two books: (Sudanese Women Political Participation) and (Melh Ala Jerah Aroos Alneel) and) 2014. She was awarded as the winner of International Golden Phoenix for distinguished Women, March 8, 2014. She was awarded as winner of ICFJ Anywhere, for the article on sexual harassment in the workplaces of Arab nations, September 2010. PhD researcher (Doctor of philosophy in African and Asian Studies) – University of Khartoum- Sudan (2015- 2017). M.A in Political Sciences -University of Bahri (Juba)– Sudan, 2014. Bachelor of Economics and Political Sciences –University of Khartoum- Sudan, 1996.