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Photo of Dr. Siham El-Kafafi

Dr. Siham El-Kafafi

Director of Research ICL Education GroupICL Business School



Location: Auckland, New Zealand


Dr Siham El-Kafafi comes with wide overseas industry experience and consultancy (i.e. medical, manufacturing and service industry) before becoming an academic for the past 18 years.  Her teaching experience plays a leadership role in the creation of high quality student experience in a wide range of business courses e.g. open innovation, corporate innovation, applied innovation, business management, , leadership, applied management, research methods, human resource management, operations management, quality management, project management, organizational behaviour, quality assurance, business ethics, supervision of industry projects and industry training in the areas of quality management systems, leadership, teamwork and business excellence. Siham is a solid researcher with numerous publications in high-quality academic journals, book chapters, conference proceedings, international and national roles as journal editor/reviewer and referee on 10 academic journals besides being on board of examiners and award committees. Siham’s focus is integrating business disciplines in a collaborative and cross-disciplinary context through entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.  She is a highly effective communicator, experienced in research mentoring and coaching, knowledgeable in her field, passionate about people development and their lifelong learning experience.  She has efficiency and accuracy in meeting deadlines and requirements with knowledge of quality assurance requirements.  She translates theory into practical solutions that can result in a significant impact on growth.

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Auckland – New Zealand