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  /    /  SMART KM MODEL

The integrated knowledge management revolutionary approach for organisational excellence

Lecture Theatre 144, Jubliee Building, University of Sussex, UK

The seminar aims to introduce the newly developed Knowledge Management Model (SMART KM) which presents a unique integrated solution for the highly debated subject. SMART KM ensures that knowledge management becomes part of the organisational culture through the appropriate integration with number of organisation facets such as strategy, management systems, ICT and support services. SMART KM is a revolutionary model being driven by best-in-class KM practices from a number of industries in addition to well-founded theories. The framework contain number of business components which supports knowledge flow throughout the organisations which can be tailored to achieve the organisation specific goals and objectives in alignment with the adopted operating model. Throughout the seminar, number of key issues facing organisations in implementing KM initiatives will be introduced and you would also be able to realise the design principles supporting SMART KM and how it can be used to develop fit-for-purpose KM Framework.

All welcome

Please note sandwiches will be available beforehand from 12:55pm. Coffee/tea/biscuits will be available from 2:10-2.45pm after a very short break, introducing the discussion sessions.


Allam Ahmed and Mohamed Elhag.