(pp.56-60) A. Khalifa ‘Illness to wellness: a comparative study on insurance scheme approaches in Saudi Arabia and Sudan’, IJFNPH, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2016

4th January 2016

Abdelrahman Khalifa, Bupa Arabia, KSA Purpose: Private health insurance is growing in Sudan. The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) announced the ‘Road map to Universal Coverage’ goal in 2015, inferring political direction to increase the insured population. This paper aims to compare the different roles played by private insurance in chronic diseases care between Sudan […]

(pp.54-65) M. I. Aziz, S. I. A. Abdalla, M. Abuaffan, I. M. A. Awad, M. Elhassan, R. Y. Elkheir, M. Elliser, B. El-Safi, V. Joseph and H. H. Mohamed ‘Diasppora contribution to public health in Sudan’, IJSR, Vol. 6, No.1, 2016

11th August 2015

The Sudan Health Consultancy group: A decade of diaspora contributions to public health in the Sudan Muna I. Abdel Aziz, Warrington Borough Council, UK Safa I.A. Abdalla, Stanford University, USA Mayada Abuaffan, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, UK Ishraqa M.A. Awad, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, UK Moneim Elhassan, Public Health Practitioner, UK Rida Y. Elkheir, […]

(pp.01-11) N. Kapoor, J Naufahu, S. Tewfik, S. Bhatnagar, R. Garg and I. Tewfik ‘A public health nutrition intervention to delay the progression of cachexia to refractory cachexia in Indian female cancer patients: A conceptual framework’, IJFNPH, Vol. 7, No. 1, 2014

7th February 2015

Neha Kapoor, University of Westminster, UK Jane Naufahu, University of Westminster, UK Sundus Tewfik, London Metropolitan University, UK Sushma Bhatnagar, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India Rakesh Garg, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India Ihab Tewfik, University of Westminster, UK Purpose: The main objective of this article is to review existing nutritional guidelines […]

(pp.323-346) Y. A. Saeed ‘The development of healthcare expenditures in Sudan: 2000–2011’, IJFNPH, Vol. 6, No. 3/4, 2013

28th December 2013

Yassir Abbas Saeed, Ahfad University for Women, Sudan Purpose: This study attempts to examine trends, size, and composition of health expenditures in Sudan during 2000–2011 using simple descriptive and analytical approaches. Healthcare expenditures in Sudan are analysed for the years 2000 to 2011 using six key indicators. Design/methodology/approach: The study adopted simple descriptive and analytical […]

(pp.83-98) A. M. Amlogu, K. Godden, I. Tawfik, S. Tawfik and C. Wambebe ‘Public health-nutrition intervention programme in Nigeria’, IJFNPH, Vol, 6. No. 1, 2013

8th March 2013

Abraham Mainaji Amlogu, Kate Goddenand and Ihab Tewfik, University of Westminster, UK Sundus Tewfik, London Metropolitan University, UK Charles Wambebe, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria Purpose: This presented pilot intervention provides evidence that suggests the use of local resources as therapeutic nutrition. The latter can act as a fundamental part of the comprehensive package of care […]

(pp.71-74) N. M. Nnam and U. S. Udofia ‘Food-based strategy to improve iron status of pregnant women in Nigeria’, IJFNPH, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2010

17th February 2010

Ngozi M. Nnam, University of Nigeria, Nigeria Ukpong S. Udofia, University of Uyo, Nigeria Abstract: The study determined the effect of daily consumption of periwinkle on the iron status of pregnant women. One hundred and twenty pregnant women in their second trimester who were anaemic were selected from the antenatal clinic of the Bishop Shanahan […]