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David Otto

Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Expert TGS intelligence Consultants LtdCounter Terrorism


Location: London, UK Website: CEO


David Otto is the Founding Director of TGS Intelligence Consultants Ltd and the Founder of the Conflict Resolution Programme – Step In Step Out (SISO) based in the United Kingdom. David’s Work focuses on political Instability, Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime – from vulnerabilities –radicalisation – extremism – violent extremism and counter narrative awareness solutions between the West and Africa dynamics. Under TGS Conflict Prevent strategy – SISO – David Otto has been instrumental in organising Conferences focused on Africa Counter Terrorism Framework  in London in close collaboration with academic institutions – the University of East London – on various topics including – ‘Preventing Radicalisation – The Danger of Ignoring the African Heritage connection – A peril on our doorsteps’. These conferences have provided a practical solutions to practitioners, policy makers, public, parents and community leaders on how to counter Terrorism, violent extremism and organised Crime by proactively recognising unique early warning  signs and behavioural changes in young vulnerable children and how radicalisation in Sub Saharan Africa differs in process and stages from radicalisation in the west. David Otto is an articulate public speaker on conflict resolutions & counter terrorism solutions in general and Preventing radicalisation and violent extremism strategies in reference to the West and African heritage perspective. He is frequently invited as a practitioner and academic to share his knowledge and experience on delivering community resilience strategies in Europe and Africa, especially to families, early interventions initiatives and prison settings. He is frequently invited by BBC News, Arise TV, BEN TV, PRESS TV, VOX Africa, Channel TV, and AILTV …as a guest speaker to give his expert opinion on security and Counter Terrorism from an African and western link perspective. David Otto continues to write articles and peer reviewed academic publications on conflict resolution, counterterrorism and Counter radicalisation solutions. His work has been published, and feature in international newspapers, social media – IBTIMES, Awake Africa, Africa Voices etc. To create awareness, David has established a very active presence on social media – Facebook, blogging, Twitter, LinkedIn in which he focuses on community based information sharing – targeting first line practitioners who deal with vulnerable young men and women who have become vulnerable or victims and perpetrators of conflict. David has developed a vast and detailed knowledge of the geopolitics, conflict zones, security hot spots and economic triggers in sub Saharan Africa Vis- a -Vis the west from a solutions approach.