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Effat University strives to be recognized as one of the world’s leading institutions in scientific discovery and innovation presenting solutions to societal challenges, and to serve as agent of change that advances inspired leaders and scholars in fulfilling Queen Effat Al-Thunayan Al-Saud’s vision (God rest her soul). Effat University prepares aspirational and effective leaders of international quality who contribute to national and global progress by interweaving Effat University Core Values into an innovative education which creates a culture of broad inquiry, intellectual engagement, and valuable societal impact.

The aim of the Middle East Journal of Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Sustainable Development (MEJELSD) is to disseminate the information on latest changes, trends, developments, innovations and activities in the field of Entrepreneurship. The field of entrepreneurship entails areas of study such as leadership, Small and Medium Enterprises and sustainable development. Hence the research in these areas will be incorporated. The journal will publish work from academics and managers in these fields.

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MEJELSD is published in the United Kingdom  in partnership with Effat University, Jeddah- Saudi Arabia 2 issues per year   ISSN: 2522-705X. IJIKMMENA is abstracted and indexed by: ABI/Inform (ProQuest), Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities, Crossref, British Library, most top universities across the world such as Harvard, London, etc.

Prof. Allam Ahmed - Director MEKEI

بروفيسور علام النور عثمان أحمد - مدير المعهد

Middle East Journal of Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Sustainable Development (MEJELSD)

The purpose of the journal is:

  1. To bring together the research community in the fields of concentration from Middle East
  2. To publish the scholarly work of the research community in the fields of concentration from Middle East and else where
  3. To also publish work researched in other parts of the world when the editorial board will be confident that this research will contribute to the understanding of the entrepreneurs based in the Middle East.
  4. To help and assist the academic and managerial community to learn and understand the developments in the fields of journal concentration in the Middle East
  5. Papers can address topics theoretically or empirically through either a descriptive or critical approach. Suitable topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Entrepreneurship research and studies in Middle East Role of Women in Economic Growth and sustainable Development in Middle East
    • Knowledge-based economy and sustainable development in Middle East Intra-preneurship in Middle East
    • Leadership in Middle East
    • Family owned businesses in Middle East
    • SME businesses in Middle East
    • Women in businesses in Middle East
    • Social enterprise and entrepreneurship in Middle East
    • Philanthra-preneurship in Middle East
    • Franchise business in Middle East
    • Service sector businesses in Middle East
    • Relationships in the entrepreneurial businesses in Middle East
    • Role of entrepreneurship in economic growth in Middle East
    • Role of SME’s in economic development etc in Middle East
    • Organizational Strategy and Strategic Planning in an entrepreneurial business in Middle East
    • Gender issue and Values in Entrepreneurship in Middle East
    • Role of business, management and entrepreneurship in achieving sustainable development
    • Business incubators, entrepreneurship and innovation in Middle East
    • Change management in Middle East
    • Role of multilateral institutions in sustainable development in Middle East
    • Agribusiness management in Middle East
    • Ecotourism and sustainable tourism development in Middle East and role of Service Sector in its development in Middle East
    • Impact of financial crises and risks of innovation sustainability on SMEs in Middle East in Middle East
    • Youth advocacy and sustainable Development in Middle East