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Photo of Dr. Faris Elasha

Dr. Faris Elasha

Lecturer Coventry UniversityFaculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing


Location: Coventry, UK Website: Coventry University Profile


Faris is a Lecturer in Dynamics at Coventry University. Previously he was a Research Fellow at Cranfield University. Through his career, Faris has over 10 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer.
Faris’ research interest focusses on development and advancing the scope and the sensitivity of machinery fault detection, diagnosis, prognosis, performance and emissions monitoring.  His current research investigates: machine diagnostics and prognostics; asset integrity and management; gearbox dynamics and design. His recent involvement in the renewables area includes contributions towards the design of condition monitoring system for tidal turbines (DELTA-Stream tidal turbines). He is the author of some 40 conference and journal papers.