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Photo of Dr. Magda Mustafa Sadig

Dr. Magda Mustafa Sadig

Associate Professor Future UniversityKnowledge Economy


Location: Khartoum, Sudan


Dr Magda Mustafa Sadig is Associate Professor at Future University. She is a researcher in Sudan fertility control Association. She is positive; proactive and results-driven senior relief officer. A development and project Coordinator in Sudanese Red Crescent. Projects development, monitoring and evaluation experiences from working with leading NGO’s with the primary focus on Displaced and rural people living in shanty areas.  Working with the American Embassy-Khartoum as a budget analyst adds extra unique experiences. Working in the Academic institutions, colleges, universities, accumulated excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop curriculums and programs.  Provision of business consultancy services, abilities to write feasibility studies and project appraisals. Fluency in English language, fair knowledge in Swedish and Amharic languages. Outstanding knowledge of computer skills. Outstanding accumulated experiences in E-learning materials development. Experience in Academic Programmes’ development, and revision. She studied BSc (Honours) –Pure Economics- Faculty of Economics and Social Studies-University of Khartoum. The Research Paper: The Graduates’ Unemployment.(Sociolinguistics)-1988-Institute of Afro-Asian studies Department of Sudanese-African Languages-University of Khartoum. The Research Paper: the Linguistic Profile of Kassala Town. (Pure Economics)-1999-Faculty of Economics and Social Studies-University of Khartoum. The Research Paper: The Economics knowledge of self-employed children at the state of Khartoum. PhD: (Applied Economics) 2014: The Faculty of Economics and Commerce: University of Sudan for Science and Technology.