Editor: Prof. Allam Ahmed, UK

ISBN (Print): 0-907776-30-2      ISBN (Online): 0-907776-32-9

The main objective of this book is to critically examine the complex and multi-dimensional relationship between science, technology and the environment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In doing so, a holistic approach is used to provide an in-depth analysis and state of the art overview of the efforts made by the different countries in the MENA region to tackle these challenges of sustainability and sustainable development. This book represents the outcome of many comprehensive research programmes undertaken in different countries in the MENA region and other parts of the world since 2005. The different chapters in this volume cover a wide geographical spectrum and written by more than fifty renowned international experts from all over the world.

The five main sections of the book are:

  • Information and Knowledge Management (5 chapters)
  • Science Technology and Innovation (6 chapters)
  • Food Safety and Public Health (4 chapters)
  • Water Resources (3 chapters)
  • Managing the Environment (4 chapters)