Our publications are published in partnership with the World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD) to provide an overview of sustainable development, discuss why it is important and promote the development of a more coherent approach to solving global problems related to sustainability. In doing so, a holistic approach is used to critically examine the interrelationship between the natural, governmental, economic and social dimensions of our world and how science and technology can contribute to solutions. Although science, technology and sustainable development are the main focus of our publications, many other fields are represented. The global nature of our publications is reflected in the varied national and cultural origins of the contributors, as well as the topics and case studies covered.

Almost all our journals are uniquely free of charge to any institution within the developing countries and by purchasing a journal from MEKEI, you are making a contribution to WASD and enabling a poorer student/researcher to receive free publications from WASD/MEKEI. For more information about any of MEKEI journals, please contact Janet Snow: janet.snow@wasd.org.uk.