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International Executive Workshop

This three-day executive workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to assess the investment environment in which your organizations are operating, whether public or private. It will also assist you to identify and apply a range of measures in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your institution. The workshop involves an introduction to the driving forces of foreign direct investment and the current trends; the characteristics of a sound investment environment; investment promotion policies, and in particular the role of investment promotion agencies; best practices in investment promotion as well as enterprise development policies, principles and operations. The workshop is also designed to introduce a variety of perspectives on leadership in the public and private sectors to enable leaders and decision makers to introduce fit-for-purpose leadership styles and approaches to their organizations.

This workshop will focus on the question what do leaders actually need to know about investment, business development and the underlying boundlessness of the concept of investment and enterprise promotions. Also what policy makers need to do in order to promote investment and business growth in their organizations.

Attending this workshop is an opportunity for senior executives, managers, policy makers, academics, government officials, students to get together and share their knowledge about investment promotion, entrepreneurship and leadership. Moreover the workshop will provide the opportunity for participants to explore the various activities (teaching, research, and consultancy) offered by the Middle Eastern Knowledge Economy Institute (MEKEI), UK and meet face to face MEKEI’s core members and explores future collaboration and partnership.

Similar to previous workshops organized by MEKEI, this multidisciplinary workshop is expected to attract large number of executives and government officials in addition to MEKEI members all over the world.