MEKEI undertakes research on the key factors that are influencing innovation, change and knowledge management in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)  region, that are essential for achieving sustainable competitiveness.

We aim to carry out research on the following five core themes of vital importance to the region:

  • Transforming the oil-based economy to a diverse knowledge-intensive economy based on innovation: learning from best practices, lessons from other nations as well as future policies in the region.
  • Managing change and innovation in business: strategic innovation models, managing change, strategies for the future, international lessons.
  • Building a sustainable environmental future: environmental audit; best practices in the region; policies for business and government; lessons from abroad.
  • Human Resources for the knowledge economy: assessing current transformation practices; identifying best practice examples; building local competences in innovation and leadership.
  • Evidence based policy and business development; capability building in policy making and in business, assessing business leadership in the region; creating the new generation of Middle Eastern business leaders.

Our journal – International Journal of Innovation and Knowledge Management in Middle East and North Africa (IJIKMMENA) is the first international, multidisciplinary, refereed journal to provide a forum for academics, practitioners and policymakers to exchange concepts, research, and best practices about innovation and knowledge management in the MENA region. The journal aims to integrate the study of these various disciplines to achieve sustainable development in MENA and help to stimulate debate amongst scholars, researchers and policymakers within and outside the MENA region with a view to defining common, effective responses to tomorrow’s challenges.