(pp.43-60) M. R. Khan and J. M. Baarmah ‘Building a case for crowdfunding platforms in Saudi Arabia’, MEJELSD, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2017

25th September 2017

Muhammad Rahatullah Khan* and Jannah M. Baarmah Entrepreneurship Department, Effat University, Kilometer 2 – Old Makkah Road, P.O. Box 34689, Jeddah 21478, Saudi Arabia Email: mkhan@effatuniversity.edu.sa Email: jbaarmah@effat.edu.sa Purpose: No one knows more about a creative and innovative project than its architect and owner of the idea. The funding helps the start-up start the project with […]

(pp.33-42) S. Bahidrah and K. A. Korkmaz ‘Barriers to the implementation of the 2030 Saudi Visions Sustainable Construction Objectives’, MEJELSD, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2017

25th September 2017

Saeed Bahidrah* and Kasim A. Korkmaz Eastern Michigan University School of Visual and Built Environments, Ypsilanti, MI E-mail: sbahidra@emich.edu E-mail: kkorkmaz@emich.edu Purpose: This research investigates the barriers preventing the implementation of green and sustainable practices in the Saudi Construction industry. Design/Methodology/Approach: This research utilises a qualitative research approach, a case study. It relies on a […]

(pp.17-31) R. Khan, J. Al-Akkad and S. A. Al-Khursani ‘Cultivating a sustainable ecosystem for entrepreneurship for national transformation: Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center’, MEJELSD, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2017

25th September 2017

Rashid Khan*, Jamal Al-Akkad and Sami A. Al-Khursani Aramco Email: rashid.khan.1@aramco.com Email: jamal.akkad@aramco.com Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to apprise the readers of the initiatives of Saudi Aramco in entrepreneurship development and growth in the country. Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center (SAEC) was launched in 2011 with an objective to develop local enterprises in […]

(pp.071-080) E. Aljaaly ‘Eating patterns and nutritional behaviours of saudi young girls: influences and contributing factors’, IJFNPH, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2015

1st November 2015

Elham Aljaaly, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia Purpose: To explore factors affecting eating behaviours of adolescent girls in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia, using a theoretical framework (USA based), which used and modified with permission from the main author. Design/methods: Cross-sectional survey conducted in 18 schools and included 1519 female students (13 to 18 years old). […]

(pp.37-49) L. M. AL-Oboudi and D. A. AL-Khudhayri ‘The difference between meal frequencies among Saudi adolescent females’, IJFNPH, Vol, 6. No. 1, 2013

8th March 2013

Latifah Mohammed AL-Oboudi, Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University, Saudi Arabia Dalal Abdullah AL-Khudhayri, Alkharj University, Saudi Arabia Purpose: To recognize the difference between meal frequencies and some specific food frequencies with or without family among Saudi adolescent females in Riyadh city. Design/methodology/approach: Five hundred and twenty Saudi females aged between 13 and 19 years (mean […]